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A labor that we always support.

"Land and Freedom" 

We celebrated the Mexican Revolution anniversary.

We love what we do.

Happy Valentine's day.

We also honor our ancestors.

Day of the Dead.

Thank you for never losing sight of us. 

Happy mother's day

To those who learn technology just to express their love for us; Happy grandfather's day.

Thanks to the American continent it was known that the earth was round.

Happy October 12th. 

To those who the ideas are always spinning in their head; Congratulations!

Advertising day.


Today we stand for our Mexican flag. 

Happy flag day.

To those who taught us to believe in ourselves; Happy father's day.

We celebrate the pride of our nation; 5th May day.

May this day you receive gifts and prosperity.

Happy three kings day.

Thank you for always indicate us the right path.

Happy Lawyer's day.

When the differences unite us; the true friendship begins.

Happy international friendship day.

Volkswagen México Posts

I did these post for the Facebook and Instagram page @yosoyvolkswagen. Every month I was asked to create a post based on the most important holiday's celebration in México.

Mafe Lares

Welcome to my mind and enjoy the journey

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