My full name is María Fernanda Lares Sánquiz, but don't freak out you can call me Mafe. I was born and raised in the city of Caracas-Venezuela. I'm a Latin girl; that explains the length of my name. Currently, I'm living in Chicago, Illinois.


I have spent my life creating. I've played the role of a creative copywriter in advertising agencies, and an artist, sitting at my drawing desk illustrating while my cats steal my pencils.


Although I have a pretty solid background in advertising, I have always had a passion for the visual arts, and all its forms; photography, design, and especially illustration. For that reason, when I moved to Chicago, I followed my heart and decided to put aside for a while my creative copywriter life and focus my efforts on studying and learning shapes and figures.


I enrolled in the illustration program at the International School of Comics in Chicago, and it was a great experience!


Finally, I'm happy because now I'm able to express my concepts and ideas using my hands to write, but also drawing.

Mafe Lares

Mafe Lares

Welcome to my mind and enjoy the journey

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